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What steps should I take to enroll in Highway?

Photo by Ann H from Pexels

To enroll in Highway, complete the following steps: 

Attend an Info Session

To begin, attend a info session where a member of the Highway team will connect with you and other prospective students live over Google Meet. We'll talk to you about the program and answer your questions. 

To register for an info session, please click here

Meet 1:1 with the Highway Team

Once you've attended an info session, you'll receive an email asking you to schedule a 1:1 meeting with a Highway team member. 

Prior to this meeting, we'll ask you to review our Student FAQs to learn all about the program. Then we can talk through the questions that you have at the meeting. 

We'll also ask you to share your LinkedIn profile or resume with us prior to the 1:1 so that we can learn about you. 

Apply & Complete the Prep Course

After the 1:1 meeting we will send you a link where you can apply and complete our prep course. 

"Applying" is just about answering a dozen questions and will take about 5 minutes. 

Completing the prep course is a way for you to experience the program and for us to assess your qualifications

Sign Agreements and Make Deposit

If after completing the prep course we extend you admission, you then must sign our agreements and make your deposit payment

Once that's all done you'll be enrolled and on your way to launch your digital marketing career. 


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