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How does Highway assess applications for admission?

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At Highway, a college degree is welcome but not required (though a high school degree is). Highway succeeds in placing students in digital marketing careers who do not attend college.

In addition, no experience in Marketing Operations is required (though familiarity and eagerness for marketing is important; see below). We do not expect any prior knowledge of the Marketing Operations realm.


Highway assesses students during the admissions program to ensure that those who enter the program can succeed in it and in the job they are placed into. Highway assesses applicants for admission to the program based on three factors: critical thinking, communications, drive & eagerness

Success in our program and professional field required the curiosity and love of learning that is often termed "critical thinking." Our students should have an eagerness to figure out things on their own. 

Marketing Operations is a team sport. To succeed in the field--and in the program--you need to be able to communicate and collaborate with many stakeholders. This includes the ability to synthesize information into compelling stories. 

Our students need to be driven to succeed. They bring a great, positive attitude, they take care of details, and they are fully responsible to their commitments and to their performance. 

Highway looks for students who are eager about technology and business. They should enjoy the digital world and working in apps and have an affinity for the "systems thinking." 

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