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How does the selection process work with clients? Who are the clients? How long do we work with them?

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As Highwayers are going through the Highway Academy, they build up an online portfolio showcasing their projects and their skills. 

Also while Highwayers are in the Academy, Highway is reaching out to Marketing Operations leaders who are looking to bring junior-level talent on their team. These clients begin their consideration by reviewing  Highwayer's online portfolios. As they find Highwayers who are compelling to them they set up interviews. When a match is made through the interviews, the Highwayer then begins to work on the client's team. 

While the Highwayer remains a Highway employee, they for the most part operate as a member of the client's team performing marketing operations work. Clients range from large Fortune 500 companies to smaller start-ups. Clients also often can be professional services firms who specialize in marketing operations. 

If the match is a good one, Highwayers remain working on the client team for as long as 22 months. If the client and the Highwayer feel that there's a really good match, the Highwayer could switch to becoming an employee of the client, either during the 22 months or at the conclusion.

If the Highwayer does not join the client at the conclusion of their 22 months they generally then look to find a new job in the Marketing Operations industry. Given the high demand for Marketing Ops professionals and the skill and experience the Highwayer has developed, this is generally an easy task where the Highwayer can choose among many options.


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