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Is Highway worth it?


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Is deciding to enroll with Highway to launch your career in digital marketing the right move?

It is difficult for young adults to launch their career as this video describes. Unless you have strong training in your desired field, proof that you can do the job well, and significant connections to target employers, it may be a struggle.

In fact, most recent college graduates are struggling. Nearly half are "underemployed": they have a job that does not require a college degree. And those who are underemployed can get caught in a cycle—they are five times more likely to be underemployed five years after college than the fully employed.

Highway places its students in jobs that start around $65,000 a year and quickly rise above $100,000, in a role that is satisfying and provides a multitude of future potential directions.

These two paths forward—the risks of underemployment and the Highway career launch—are visualized in the chart below. It shows the median U.S. income by age and illustrates how critical the years between age 20 and 35 are. Young adults can either have a income around $40,000 a year—risking underemployment—stay flat for most of their lifetime, or in their 20s and 30s they can grow their earnings by entering a high-paying career track and have that higher level for the remainder of their career.

U.S. Income by Age

What does it cost you to take the Highway path? Yes our deferred tuition will cost you about $4500 a month once you have a digital marketing job, but if you consider how much more money you will be earning with that job, you will be much better off even with those payments (and much, much better off in five years when you are making $100,000+ a year).

Critically, however, you only incur that cost of Highway if you achieve your desired outcome from Highway: a new digital marketing job. If you don't get the job, you owe nothing. Highway offers such a low-risk payment plan because it is so confident that it can successfully place you in a digital marketing job.

Thus Highway provides a low-risk pathway to a satisfying, high-earning career.

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