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The Highway Career Opportunity

Photo by Pixabay

Highway provides high-potential job candidates the opportunity to launch their career in the compelling and lucrative field of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is an exploding industry providing abundant career opportunities to those who can gather the necessary skills and background to get started in it. However most entry-level jobs in the field require two or more years of experience, and this blocks aspiring digital marketers from launching their career. 

Highway however is an organization committed to one objective: producing new digital marketing talent. And so Highway, unlike most employers, provides training to new employees or "Highwayers" so that they have the skills to enter and thrive in the digital marketing industry, specifically in the cutting-edge sector of marketing operations. 

Highway trains Highwayers during their first few months on the job through the Highway Academy. This training--including multiple critical job-simulating projects--develops the skills and experience employers are looking for. Then Highway brings in clients looking for junior-level talent. Highwayers then join these client marketing operation teams while remaining a Highway employee and receiving support from the Highway team. 

In this way Highway enables those looking to launch their digital marketing career to overcome the experience and skill barriers that hold them back and to enjoy a prosperous career in this compelling industry. 


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