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What are the steps and timing in the Highway hiring process?

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

The Highway hiring process is designed to accomplish two objectives: 

  1. Expose candidates to the job, the company and the industry so that they can make an informed, confident decision about the opportunity
  2. Evaluate the candidates fitness for the job so that the company can ensure it hires teammates who will succeed in the role 

The Highway hiring process, detailed below, thus achieves the dual objectives of both informing and evaluating candidates. Highway is currently hiring for a cohort of Highwayers who will start on December 12, 2022

First Interview

The first interview with Highway is 20 minutes long and is designed mostly to provide information to the candidate about the Highway opportunity and the hiring process. 

First Evaluation Exercise

Highway provides a spreadsheet exercise around the skills needed for Marketing Operations. The evaluation is online and asynchronous. This should take candidates 30-60 mins to complete.  

Second Interview

The second interview will be an hour long. It will be informative in providing the candidate an opportunity to ask more questions about the Highway opportunity. It will also be evaluatory with a focus on Highway's culture and values. 

Second Evaluation Exercise

The second evaluation exercise seeks to evaluate your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. You will be presented with two scenarios and choose one to deep-dive and demonstrate your skills. This second evaluation is more open-ended, and an opportunity for you to really shine and impress our team. It is more involved then the first, and will take several hours to complete.

Final Interview

The third and final interview will be entirely evaluatory and will focus on critical thinking skills. It will be an hour long. 


If, at the end of the process, Highway would like to have you join our team, we'll provide you with an offer letter detailing the specifics of the role. To join the Highway team, the candidate must accept and sign the offer letter. 


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