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What is Highway story? Who is behind it?

Highway’s mission is to produce new talent for the digital economy and thus improve opportunity and inclusion for those looking to enter it.

Highway was founded by Toby Murdock and Leigh Oxley in 2021. Before Highway Toby was the founder and CEO of Kapost, the leading content marketing software platform. Toby started Kapost in 2009, grew it to a team of over 100 employees and sold it to Upland Software for $52 million in 2019. After that experience Toby sought to create a new business with a greater social impact, particularly one that provided more opportunity and inclusion for those looking to enter the digital economy.

Toby observed how in the B2B Marketing Operations / Marketing Technology sector in which Kapost operated employers struggled tremendously to find and retain talent. While demand for such talent continues to escalate, no new supply was being generated to keep up for that demand. At the same time while digital marketing and the digital economy have been an engine for prosperity for many, there are still many more who cannot find an opportunity to enter the industry, particularly those from disadvantaged communities.

Toby then met Leigh who had a unique background in and passion for the combination of Marketing Operations and training. Together they founded Highway to serve as a bridge between these two groups who need each other: employers lacking talent and career seekers lacking opportunity. They created Highway as a Public Benefit Corporation in order to have it legally committed to its social mission around opportunity and inclusion.

Highway began as a “bootcamp” training program that enrolled students, trained them and placed them in jobs with employers all at no cost unless the student gained a high-paying job. In order to expand the access they provide to career seekers, Highway has evolved to a firm that hires opportunity seekers as employees, trains them and then places them with clients.