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What is the Highway Admissions Process?

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This article will outline the admissions process and the steps for an interested prospective student to become an enrolled student.


Highway requests an application from the student that provides information that enables Highway to assess if the student and Highway are a good fit. Here is what is asked in the application. Here is criteria that Highway assesses. In addition to the application questions, students are asked to complete a problem-solving and quantitative reasoning assessment that takes less than 30 min.

Click here to begin the application process.

Interview & Reference

Once Highway has reviewed the application process, we will reach out either declining your application or inviting the interview. In the interview we'll ask you more questions to better determine fit. (You are always welcome to schedule time with us to answer your questions; please do so here).

After the interview we will call the reference you've supplied in your application to better understand your fit with our criteria.


If, following the interview and reference call we feel that the fit is good, we will email you to extend an offer to enroll. With that email will come a copy of the Enrollment Agreement that you will need to sign.

Students can either pay tuition up-front or use an Outcome Deferred Tuition plan. If choosing the latter, the student will need to sign an Income Share Agreement and pay a deposit.

Upon completion of these steps, the student will be enrolled in the program. Our team will then take you through our program orientation process.


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