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What qualities is Highway looking for in a candidate?

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Highway looks for characteristics, capabilities and skills in its candidates. Characteristics are personal qualities, i.e. they have to do with character, that are important to succeeding at Highway. Capabilities are more professional qualities than personal; they also tend to be more inherent and can only be developed over longer periods of time. Skills are also professional qualities but they are ones that can be more quickly developed with training and experience. 

Below are the characteristics, capabilities and skills Highway looks for in its new hires. Importantly you'll notice that extensive digital marketing skills and experience is not listed. 



All human relationships and thus all business operates based on trust. Trust is built when you do what you say you are going to do (or communicate clearly and early when something gets in the way). Trust is built when we readily speak the truth and freely admit our own needs, shortcomings and mistakes. Trust is built when we show up as vulnerable humans rather than as shallow professional facades. Trust is built when we show up to help out our teammates. 


Highway is looking for teammates with a hunger to succeed, to learn and to grow. This drive is exhibited in dedication candidates have shown to professional and academic pursuits. We are particularly keen on candidates who are driven to excel in digital marketing. 


Marketing Operations is a team sport requiring strong collaboration between its players. Of course extroverts and introverts are all welcome. But Marketing Ops pros and thus Highwayers must be open in their interactions: authentic in their behavior, straight-forward in their communication, and emotionally intelligent and respectful in their collaboration. 


Curious and Critical Mindset

Marketing Ops pros are constantly encountering new problems where the solution is not clear. Solving these problems requires a curious and critical mindset. Such a mentality is not looking for a "handbook" that has step-by-step instructions on how to perform their role. Instead those with this mindset are curious: they like to figure out for themselves "how things work." They use data, the scientific method, and trial-end-error to discover new solutions. In this way they can continuously develop the range of their expertise and can reliably "get things done" even if the solution is not clear. 

Such "critical thinking" is likely the quality that is the most challenging for Highway to find in its candidates. 


Excellence in marketing ops--and in most of the business world--requires a high level of focus and diligence. This manifests in sweating the details, not repeating mistakes, timeliness, reliability and attentiveness to communication. 


Digital Skills

Highway is looking for candidates with an existing foundations of base-level digital skills, including the Office / Google Drive suite (particularly Excel / Sheets), calendaring, etc. Generally candidates should have an affinity and enthusiasm for all things apps / digital. 

Communication Skills

Highway expects candidates to already have a base set of communications skills, including how to organize their thoughts into a coherent story, how to effectively convey cause-and-effect dynamics in business, and how to compellingly articulate their story both in written and oral formats.


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