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Why does Highway focus on jobs in Marketing Operations?

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Highway is focused on a very specific role: entry level positions in Marketing Operations (a function also often categorized as "Demand Generation"). You can go here to learn more about what Marketing Operations is.

But why is Highway focused on this entry-level Marketing Operations role? There are two reasons.

First, Marketing Operations is where there is the greatest shortage of talent and thus the greatest opportunity for those aspiring to enter digital marketing. Marketing Operations is on the cutting edge of marketing technology where there has been the most change in the last 15 years. As a result there is the shortage of talent: click here to listen to Marketing Operations leaders talk about the lack of talent supply.

Second both of Highway's co-founders, Toby Murdock and Leigh Oxley, have spent most of their careers working around Marketing Operations. As a result they have the knowledge to train students and the industry connections to make sure graduates get jobs.

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